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World order

Arab , petroleum and Islam

 By Adwar Hachwa


Translated by : Bassem khalil


World order


Political Fantasy


The political narrative fantasy is neither a literary vanity, nor root – separated of reality .

Fantasy emerges  just through psychological suffering or economical pressures , it explodes in dreams  .

When an author expresses a political state through his narrative fancy , he brings out the public's suppressions , and sends his message to people predicting the future on the basis of the general situation and the method of work political administration.

-  In the east ,the political narrative fantasy is accompanied with a situation of   tyranny and compulsion , and is regularly used to escape from the authorities'  repression , and to prevent the word of losing the right of expression , and this is a part of our heritage.  

-  Abu-AlAlla'a Alma'arree used ( in Resalat  ALGhofraan ) his journey to paradise and hell to criticize  satirely the eastern spiritual and political state …

-  Ibn ALmokafa expressed his ideas of ruling , morality and religions on the tongues of animals , and he distributed these ideas on them in  his book ( kalila and Dimna ) . He conveyed his vision to people through his political fancy .

-  Following this tradition , and to penetrate these fences to reach to the world decision-making centre ; where states and leaders are assassinated ,and taking command of populations and treasures takes place. I appealed the aid of this patrimony of peoples fantasy to recognize the way America , the government of the whole world thinks.

In the west, they do not really need this fancy because they have a lot of information banks ,freedom span and large quantities of knowledge which always allow them to gain better awareness of what is going on beyond these fences.

In the east , both political sense and the public's fantasy exist in the political field ,and both are necessary .

None of the rulers could control the political sense ,or stop the public's fancy because they remained beyond the reach of the state of emergency laws and the control of thought police  !     

Although , for me as a politician , I owned good amount of public knowledge but I almost always depended , in interpreting the incidents ,on that ambiguous feeling and on the public's fantasy to outline the local and international political movement ,and in many times I was all right .

This led me to think that this way doesn't contradict the mind and it is performed by the will of God this imagination led me ,in dream and wakefulness , to decision -making center rearranging the world .

For that , this journey to the secret offices , where the world and

people are mobilized , wars are launched and treasures are stolen , is something interesting I liked to share it with the public there , in that ( small world ) , there is no place for freedom , morality and religions unless they are at the service of the project ( world order )

Because our countries  occupy a big space inside that secret rooms which                   ( make the world ) , so   it is useful for us as Arabs to get through these rooms and listen to the leader's ideas . in order to recognize the strength of the ground we stand and live on , and to own some tools of resistance .

Knowledge is the first step towards the historical challenge . Even the knowledge is gained through the books , novels or by fantasy , it forms    a little contribution in the ( conscious ) process that the Arab region needs ! 

All I wish this book to be a continuity of the tradition of Abu ALAlla'a   ALMa'arree and IBn ALmokafa to resist despotism and ignorance .

Lights are flashing on and off like Christmas tree , electronic panels recording numbers , alarm , photography , eavesdropping and recording devices , and a small chamber consists of substantial chair and another six chairs surrounding a table made of precious wood  .

This is ( the international secret room ) whose fence has been penetrated by our eastern fantasy to listen to the world order

 drama .

The supreme leader entered the room (he is like uncle Sam, the legendary character that represents the United States in the political decencies ) .

The man Sat on the main Chair and the others followed him and distributed on the remaining Chairs .

To the right of uncle Sam the oil companies representative ,

  then the conglomerates and the Banks representative . To his left side sat the general and the head of intelligence … and a chair was left empty, perhaps for someone with new role .


Uncle Sam Started Speaking :


Gentlemen : today our subject is very vast and dangerous , but world incidents , after the collapse of the Soviet Union , made this subject necessary for the national security .

The theory of  "America is for Americans "  which is known as Monroe principle has abolished , and it is substituted by the theory of " the world is for Americans " , and our government has become the government of the whole world .

There is a big responsibility , even there are no powers in the world can emulate us , but there are many which can annoy us .

World rearrangement process does not reflect a feeling of weakness but it aims at settlement of the situations of the world .

Control of the explosive areas , anticipate accidents and lay out plans for the different situations .

The world order is our peace shape in the twenty – one century

Uncle Sam Continued :


Great Gents : you are the leaders of the world , your mission is to rearrange the world , and your success in performing the required roles determines the shape of the world and our peace in it .

You are not acting in a documentary film , you are making the world . After the downfall of the Soviet Union , rearrangement of the world became very necessary and one of our national missions all over the world . We were , as you know , from the very beginning a state of  traders ; profits factor is what manages our government . We always look for markets , raw materials and consumers for our industries and our largest agricultural products  all over the world . our great country's mission is to run after traders and companies to open markets by diplomacy or by wars .

The international trade bases are raw materials , consumers , currencies and security which secure investment .

That's why you are here representing these principles , and you get your great missions in the third world war which do not need nuclear weapons ;because you   and what you do are the other alternative of war . Oil is uncompetitively the master of raw materials. Because it stands for the largest bargain in human history . Mr. Oil existing here shall be always orders – followed .

Money , also shall be effective. They accumulate inside the banks which grant loans , where speculations  take place , and by them you can revive the allies and destroy the foes .

On the other side , the banks president's orders shall be followed , and his contribution in arranging the world is reasonable . Because he is the international skilled player all over the world , and he is the hidden worrier who can open the clogged paths without need to the planes noise and guns sounds consumers are matters the corporations , like Trust and Cartel , are specialized in ,and their mission is to look for markets .

The international capital investment is facing obstacles , and   as long as , the commercial process security is very important , the general represents the required deterrent power in order to retain the prestige which produce the world submission ceremonies .

The more the general is capable of Quick terminating , and rapidly transferring the forces , these provide settlement and , security to our investment processes in the world .

The war international system , which colonized space and monitored human beings movements , is the inhibition of all armies and forces in order to make them surrender to our will , the strongest in the world .

In regard of information , a bout people and their rulers , revolutions and revolutionists ,terrorism with all what it represents and the amount of fear it reflects on people and businesses . All these shall be at the custody of                    Mr. ( security ) by his information centers and his agents everywhere .

The wider range of Mr. security increases our abilities to frustrate any move against our projects and our existence everywhere on earth .

Among you , the security man is the quiet , he has got the ever awakened eyes . He is our octopus that enters the fortified houses , the fenced states , churches , mosques , parties and companies .

 His information illuminate the way for all actors on the international arena.

This man shall be obeyed  because , by him we can design rulers inside states , constitute parties and can be always present together with the allies and the opponents ! …

I don't want to expatiate upon you , but I remind you with two important things , the first is that the general is our last resort to restraint enemies , He is necessary when our men of oil , banks , espionage and corporations fail to achieve the aims .

 Then , this general moves to shower the world with bullets , while he doesn't believe , as you know , in any religion or nationalism , and his mission is to terminate the opponents , not searching for the morality of wars ! ..  

The second matter is the international game , that we may need to another minor men , they do not have authority to make decisions but they get assisting roles in ordering the world .

Among those the Zionist , Masonic , the dictator , men of religion from the pope to the priest to the rest of head of religions , even heads of mafia and smuggling gangs could be used sometimes .

We can bring one of them to this empty chair , due to need , and he understands his required role when necessary .

Can you believe … that even the freedom torch , in New York sea , can be used in this new in international drama , we can raise it against our foes in order to clear the land of opponents . It is no problem to switch this torch off or even forget it in different places in the world , and . if required, to ignore its existence  and necessity Just get it .. you are the government of the whale world .

Uncle Sam stopped talking , and the political kitchen started the process of world order .

The Minor Roles


Uncle Sam : I want you to search for our main keys and tools whom we can bring one of them to occupy this empty choir , in order to provide him with our plans , and listen to his potency .

But , before doing that we shall agree on the required role for

 everyone of them , and the wished benefit of assigning one of them in a role , incident or strategic diagram




-  Mr. intelligence : what's your opinion to start by masonry ?                               It is a necessary beginning because this organization is the oldest ,and because it is expanding worldwide , it can serve the great plans . As long as we are the government of the world , we can't neglect those who act on national basis .

-   Mr. banks  : I remind you that masonry brought in the rich elite in the world . masonry is not set for humble and poor people . Enlisting rich people was a basic thing in the Masonic thought   . their permeation in the banking sector all over the world , in a way or another was obvious . In our banking movement , we clash in their existence , cause they are skilled players in the banking sector  and many of them are handling international banks administration .

-  Mr. corporations : I agree with Mr. intelligence and his evaluation to masonry  and I add they are handling the management of the biggest corporations in the world . This is a result of the Masonic trend towards recruiting the companies'  managers , the rich , heads of sects , religions and people of political positions .

Today they are the rich elite leaders group in the world .Coordination with them in corporations sector grants us lots of chances to gain tenders and markets , and to enter states and get hirelings by seducing them with money to make them work in the Masonic framework which offers to its agents permanent services and aids . This procures international protection to leaders , corporations managers , contractors and politicians , and when necessary they can be assisted to survive in case they were vulnerable to the rabbles attacks .

Mr. Oil : I remind you with the mason a gents role in bringing

about the oil privileges contract in Iran , Iraq and the Gulf states , cause , by supporting their leaders to handle political positions , they could secure the best circumstances of oil investment .

Mr. intelligence : the Masonic role in the break down of the Othman stat was amazing . they ran through Ittihad and Tracki party and arranged militirian officers who stood behind terminating the Othman caliphate .

Mr. general : Their bases in the Turkish army are still strong until now , and , Atatork himself was outstanding mason leader who could trans from Turkey to a secular state , putting away the effect of religion which prevailed in the caliphate center in Istanbul . without the Masonic movement we couldn't terminate the ottoman caliphate and disunite the ottoman state which was distributed on the Europeans .

Now , plainspoken , while we govern the world we need the masonry  to run through the new militerian officers in the third world countries .

Any where , our intelligence can't reach to , we can cover it by the masonry organization , so I publicize , for military reasons , we have to continue the policy of relying upon the international masonry , and directing them towards the militerian powers in the world .

All officers , who are ambitious to rule , need an organization them can help them and link them to the supportive officers .

Many times , we assigned leaders to  the third world by the masonry when it was impossible to practice this role directly .

Uncle Sam : yes , this regularly happened with great leaders in the world . Some of them declared politically their enmity , but their role was controlled by masonry from under the table  .

Which provide him on active existence in the political life in the world countries , and through him , the agreements performed , and all policies were indirectly led in order not to embarrass these leaders .

During crisis , recruiting the masonry was good of all sides the masonry is a necessary minor player in our move to stabilize the government of the whole world , and , as I see we are at accord of its role , and to support it .




-   Mr. intelligence : can we move to discuss the Zionist role and the range of uses to the government of the whole world ?

-   Uncle Sam : to understand Zionism, we shall go back to history . When the Jews established the Zionist movement , which was practically the Jews international national movement , their goal was to establish a state in Palestine for them ; and to transfer to this state the Jews of world who suffered a lot because of the Christian racialism , inspection courts and because of people's hatred towards them .

In America ,we didn't adopt the European Christian ideas toward the Jaws , and there were not inspection courts against them , and in  our society there no necessity for that . We are exported , as a population , from all over the world , from different ethnics , religions , areas and everyone have the right to be proud of their origins where they come from , and the religions they were

 up brought on them .We ask the immigrants the loyalty to America .

This basic rule in the American life made the existence of the Jaws something natural , and we didn't allow any enmity towards them or any else .

Mr. intelligence : In Europe , there is much Christian fanatism against the Jews just because their ancestors had crucified the Christ so , the malice settled in their hearts . They were really hated and despised in a society its majority are Christians .

Feudal lords depended on Jews as agents on lands and as the owner's shares collectors . This increased hatred against them . The Catholic church always, especially when eyes were turned towards its domination and interference in society and politics , trans formed attacks against it into popular protests exploiting the peoples spite towards them , and the feudal lords assisted it in doing that .

 When people's conditions went worse and the poverty increased , the eyes turned into the Jewish collectors , the feudal lords representative , who agonize the peasants and rob their crops through an accorded process , and directions of men of religion , the crowds revolute to wreak their wrath upon the Jews , the killers of Christ , and in their way they finish the Jewish collectors , who , once the conditions calm down , the feudal lords assign collectors , instead of them , more harsh and more Jewish!..

Mr. banks : I add to that , the rich Jews changed into bankers and excelled in this realm .they monopolized this profession and earned exorbitant interests which exhausted the indebted .  This emerged an increasing hatred against them among the public to an extent that the people's thought of the Jews in Europe was a greedy usury and a bloodsucker .

Now , the Jews are handling the world banking centers as a span to the banking works they practiced in the beginning of currency dealings age .

-  Uncle Sam : The Spanish, in Europe , confiscated the Jews money by the inspection courts . The king of Spain obtained more earnings than that the Spanish got through the exploration of America .

In Italy , England , France and Germany , massacres against them took place in a European trend to get rid of  them .

Majority of the Spanish Jews migrated to Morocco , where there was an old Jewish expatriate , and they were safe there .

This situation brought out all Justifications of the Jewish feelings to search for a place every Jew can resort to when necessary .

-  Hirtzel is the founder of the national movement of the world Jews under the international name ( Zionism )

-  Mr. intelligence : At the beginning , Mr. Hirtzil wanted to be given a homeland in Argentina or Africa to establish his state on it,  but he need the religious enthusiasm to support his national movement so , he headed towards the Palestinian area where it was one of the Jewish centers in the east .

There fore , immigrants moved to these areas , and the clashes with the Arab Palestinians started .

The west Europeans and we supported establishment of a Jewish state , cause , in Europe and even in the Soviet Union , they wanted to get rid of them or of most of them inside their societies . The support they were given was neither a compensation nor an expiation of the massacres against them , but it was a public desire to extricate from them by sending them towards the orient !..

-  Uncle Sam : After establishing the Jewish state , we were the first to recognize it and we became the mast supportive side in finance and weapons . Israel also performed important political missions for us . I request Mr. intelligence to explain them

 Mr. intelligence : Israel had important role in serving the America national security during decades since it was established .

-  The first role : Espionage on the Soviet Union and the social block , where the Jews there , sent all the security and economical information to Israel , which sells us these information , and in return , they got always political support , aids and weapons

-    The 2nd role : Resisting the soviet expansion towards the east Israel protected the region from the radical pro-Soviet states , and represented a deterrence base against any expansion , of these

 states , towards oil fields .Thus , Israel became a substantial ally in the region and a minor player in the process of world order .

Uncle Sam : Now , after the Arabs confessed Israel and the collapse of the Soviet Union , How do you expect the Zionist role in the world order process now ?

The communist Soviet Union do not exist anymore , and no more radical pro-Soviet states , and we became the direct controllers of oil valves and  protective of the petroleum states. so , what's the benefit of ally and continuity of financing Israel ?

-         The General : Mr. Uncle Sam : you telling right , but the East

 today is being teemed with another foe ; it is the extreme Islam whose streams are increasing after Alkomaini's revolution in Iran . It forms  a proletariat extending in all Arab and Islamic countries , including those whose rulers ally us . the existence of Israel is very useful to resist this new enemy because , through Israel , it is possible to get best information of the Islamic organizations and the Islamic terrorism against our embassies , navies and men in the world .   

Israel is a necessary base that completes our militirian project to occupy and dominate the oil areas. That's why I think the Zionism is still necessary for the government of the whole world .

-  Uncle Sam : Ok , but remember that the Zionists established the Jewish state of the whole world , and we established the government of the whole world . The world Jews state's interests may clash with that of the government of the whole world , then what can we do in case that happens .

-  Mr. intelligence : Our society's general rule states that all the benefit us , our companies and traders remain , except that , our relations with any one are just interests .    

If the government of all world Jews will contradict our aims we shall restrain them merciless .

-  General  : In the Gulf war , the separation between the world Jews government and the government of the whole world started when Jorge Bush ordered Israel not to interfere in the war against Iraq , although ( 39 ) Iraqi missiles spread terror in all Israel , and even Iraq declared it is fighting Israel .

-  Mr. intelligence : our government , through Bush's decision didn't want to satisfy the Arabs as some like to think , but to prevent Israel , after the end of the war , to ask for a share in the oil of the east , which became in our hands .

Our thought of the Gulf war is to move to liberate Kuwait from Iraq , then , take the possession of the oil of Kuwait  , Qatar , Bahrain , UAE and Saudi Arabia , and Settle on its valves . It is not allowed for any one to triumph except us and no one is permitted to call upon any share in this tremendous gain !

-  Uncle Sam  : Israel much better under stand that their old role has changed , and shall accept a limited existence in the region , and                   a peaceful settlement that procure life as an ordinary state in the region , and it is not a problem if the whole world felt that this state is under our protection

-  General : Ok , sir Uncle Sam , but in the future if we moved in this track, we will face a military necessity which is disarmament of comprehensive destruction weapons in the region , where Israel owns that , what can we do ?

-  Uncle Sam : As the settlement is complete , the comprehensive destruction weapons disarmament  , in the whole region , becomes                 a necessity which includes Israel as well . Because the government of the whole world doesn't want military partners in the region , and doesn't bear their existence .         

Israel shall accommodate itself since now and shall abandon dreams , because , between states , there is no place for religions and emotions , but only interests . We are the country of interests ; what benefits us we buy and sell , and what damages us and makes us lost we throw it in the trash

The Dictator


Uncle Sam : We start by discussing the subject of our partner in the world     " the dictator " . You should not think of contradiction when we call for democracy and consider that we are allowed , in the name of civilization , to defend it ; then we bring the dictator as a minor player in the government of the whole world . pre – confessions shall be made that the civilizational conceptions including democracy , can't be treated in the same way in the different states of the world and its societies . When we , and Europe , achieved democracy , this wasn't because of a political theory , but a result to an experiment supported by economical , civilized and intellectual development .

In the third world , where retardation, tribalism and the conflict between sects religions and ignorance prevailed , people used to be ruled by a tribe leader , or a king who owns all access upon his

 people . they got accustomed to this form of life and accepted it as a natural reality there is no need to fulfill their minds with ideas of democracy , because they won't under stand it and never like it , because the powerful ruling was and will continue to be a part of their political sentiment .

-  Mr. intelligence : In some of the third world societies whose people gained a degree of education , or was colonized by the British and French occupation , the ideas of democracy pervaded to the educated elite of the independent national tendencies.

Those attracted much ignorant crowds and opened the way towards the call for the western democracy; this caused a real embarrassment to the absolute power leaders , and we became in a situation that may make us appear uncivilized because of our support towards the dictator leaders who aggressed the educated elite with the European culture roots .

-  General : Do not pay much attention to principles , cause we agreed since the beginning of our secret meeting to put aside religions , morals and principles when they contradict our interests and the interests of corporations , traders and armies ,

-  Mr. Banks : The spread of dictators ships in the world procured serious resources . Those , through the absence of surveillance over their works , and the lack of freedom and the others' opinions and the independent press , they were corrupt , they robbed and became very rich . They had to deposit their money in our banks and , practically , more than 50 % of deposits , in the grand banks , came through dictators of the Third world, and heads of smuggling gangs , and the mafias of arms and drugs . For that , we think that the dictator is a suitable partner for the government of the whole world for the banking side  So , I recommend to continue supporting the dictator ships in the Third world .

-  Mr. Intelligence : The dictator , who loots his people and gets commissions , transforms a big amount of the national treasure into deposits , and this comply with our plans in encouraging deposits in our banks , and not to allow transforming the monetary treasure , resulting of the national product , into economical fortunes , factories and plants which produces goods and become not need for our corporations and products .

From this point , existence of the dictator in the Third world carries out a serious advantage to keep these societies undeveloped , and sometimes under the level of poverty !...

-  The Corporations representative : Our experience with the demo crate governments thus was born in the third world , after the withdrawal of the foreign forces , was really painful .  

Dealing with parliamentarians of different disputing parties, in every case we need execution contracts for our companies , for projects or oil excavation , or to invest the other natural treasures , including phosphate , coal , wood and the other important

 materials , dealing was difficult and costing a lot , and in many cases we were dismissed out of the arena , and the projects went eventually to the European corporations .

-  General : Dealing with a strong person who acquires our support , sign our contracts , execute our military policy in the region even he is corrupt and murderer , he is better for us and for our interests .

-  Mr. Intelligence  : Spreading the military governments all over the world was and still a fixed policy of our government since the fifties . we stood behind a lot of coups and the military phenomenon is one of our intelligence products

-  Uncle Sam  : Right , but when the dictator changes and disobeys we have immediately , and without hesitation , to pump the slogans of democracy and freedom into his society and opponents in order to overthrow him , and if required , we can use power directly to bring him down , as we have done in Latin America .

The dictator , who executes our policies , can and must feel safe even he is corrupt , except that , fighting him as an enemy of freedom and democracy remains legal when necessary .

Thanks for comprehending the role of the dictator , our minor partner , and advice you to be careful , cause , when accidents come suddenly as popular collapse against the dictator , and shall always have spies in the opposition to procure us an active existence  or to do what required to obtain another military ruler even having colors of democracy .

( AT this moment , lights on , looks an empty chair with a shadow of                      a dictator whose features indicates revolution and murder with swollen jugular veins and pop – eyed , carrying the Marshal's stick , nodding his head to express obedience ) .

-  Uncle Sam : Did you listen to our dialogues about the relationship with in the whole world .

-  Dictator  : Yes sir , I heard and understood , but isn't it better to have the right of a margin of free movement for use when necessary to resist the opponents , cause the continuous appearance as proponent to you may affect your interests ?

-  Uncle Sam : You have a margin , in hard times you can call us names and object some of our policies , but our oil corporations shall never be affected or stop production and marketing , because speeches differ from the real objections .

-  Dictator : What would you grant me if I had , for instance ,                          a revolution , would you send your forces to save me ?

-  Uncle Sam : If you faced a military revolution : Either we stand behind it , to replace you with someone better than you , and in this case, you got to leave soon , and don't be stubborn , or it is made by our opponents , and in this case we will help you , if the costs are little . Anyway , our spies who are spreading among all your systems and solders , are capable of ringing alarm bells .. and put it in your account, when you start to disobey , we are ready to crash you and make your country goes back to the stone Age .

-  Dictator : I understand and obey the message , and all what I care for is your content with me .

( Lights glitter and the chair looks empty . Everybody laughs proud of victory . The room become quite , and the leaders who from the world drink " The Pepsi cola " then continue their dialogues ) .



The Bahai Bab


-  Uncle Sam : What do you think of bringing " Albab " to this empty chair ?

Don't get astonished that this " Bab " is a human name , and it dose not mean the door . He is the leader of the Bahai movement in the world , and our minor partner in the government of the whole world , and we have partners , like him , in all sects .But the Bab has a special effect , because he was made in our laboratories in cooperation with the Jews till he became and eastern god .

-  Mr. intelligence : Bahaism is the closest religion of the universe to our international government , because one of these religion principles is to establish an international government swallows all the governments of the world and their religions .

What do you think of discussing the " Bab " in his ideas ? It is a magnificent journey with this new type of oriental religions , because bahaism is the first religion in the world calls upon the international citizenship , open economy and the international government , and his mission is to unify the religions of the world under our command .

( Lights are lowered , a man of medium height dressing a simple oriental cloth , holding a rosary in his hand , putting a turban on his head , enters the room and sits in the empty chair , with eyes tracing the government of the whole world and a smile of victory appears on his face )

-  Uncle Sam : You holy " Bab" , can you tell us about your ideas and religion ? Cause , people hear long to know much about

 bahaism , where America is its world center , where we finance and help you, and so on the Jews our allies .

-  "Albab "  : Bahaism is a religion was established in Iran in 1844 , The first Bab , the founder is Mohamad Ali Alshirazee . Bab , here , means                         ( the prophet) and one of his missions the announcement of glad tiding to the appearance of Almahdi ( the last prophet to come to rescue the world ) in the Shiites sect , Then Things developed , and he himself became Almahdi, then , the followers of Bab separated from Shiah .

-  Mr. intelligence : what dose bahai religion basically calls for ?

-  The " Bab " : Bahaism calls for abrogating all previous heaven laws and religions . Our religion was established the support of your intelligence and friends , the Jews , to penetrate Islam . Our missionary work witnessed big success .    

After announcement of Bahai religion , "Bab " is called Baha- Allah and according to his name the religion was named , I directly receive the revelation from god

-  Uncle Sam : Holy " Bab " in what language do your majesty receive the revelation .

-  "Bab " :  Sometime in Arabic and sometime in Persian .

-  Mr. intelligence : Can you explain how could you call for abolishing laws and religions, and at the same time , you kept Friendship and ally with Jews , and Islam didn't crash you ?

-  " Bab " : we announce apparently that our mission is to unify religions in  one international religion , but practically , we want to nullify these religions , cause every religion has its own age like the tree an the man.   the age of the old religions is over , and the Bahai religion will substitute them for thousand year

-  Uncle Sam  : How do the world need your religion ?      

Some no – religion age is going to prevail in the world ,and because of that , a state of spiritual disorder , caused by extra freedom , appears .This requires reusing of violence to pacify people's eruption. The trends of freedom exist in animals, and man shall be under the custody of lows that keep him of his self ignorance . Freedom puts man away of politeness sedateness and makes him depraved.

Mr. intelligence : Great , good religious justification to abrogate the public liberty and impose obedience of the world .

-   " Bab " :  We are the first who used the phrase ( the new international system ) and we said " the new international system is a divine aim , and humanity shall move quickly and seriously towards it "

-  Uncle Sam : Great , great , the mew international system is a divine aim , fantastic .

-  Bab : We are the first to call to establish a universal government , and an international social organization and to  spread the conscious to international citizenship … we called for  universal populations league  where all nations ethnities , sects and classes unify tightly and self independence shall be protected. We called for international press , and to nullify borders and stop wars . We called for a federal international system to rule the world where all moralities in the east and the west unify .

-  Mr. corporations : How do think of corporations ?

-  Bab : We call for free economy and open boundaries without barriers .

-  Mr. corporations : Great …this is what we want.

-  Uncle Sam : As you see , Bahaism with its ideas comply with our plans cause it penetrates the Shiite Islam and weakens its effect and decreases the number of its followers . It opens the way because it connects the international government with the religions sacred, and this is good of all sides .

-  Mr. intelligence : what remained is to arrange for something that doesn't put you at hostility with the Jews , because we can't accept the idea that they are unsatisfied .

-  Bab : No .. be relaxed .. the founder himself prevented preaching of this religion in Palestine , where the Jews are and he died  in Akka in 1892 , and as you know , the Jews in the united states do not allow the strangers to live in their avenues , it is just us who live in their streets and they are very happy with us.

-  Uncle Sam : We will always support you to penetrate the Islam and preach your religion among them and this complies with our plans , Let you succeed

 ( Lights become faint , then twinkles and the chair is empty again )



Successor of Peter , The Pope


The room is quite again , a belle comes in carrying a bouquet of flowers . She puts it on the table and moves around holding a cancer and room is redolent with incense cause , with a moment , an important visitor is coming.

The pope entered with his white dress and hat with the Jewish shape.  Everybody stood greeting him , them he sat on the empty chair , and others sat , in their seats .

-  Uncle Sam : Welcome your excellence pope , We are the government of the whole world , welcome you . what gather us the universality of the mission , You are the successor of peter the messenger , the disciple of Christ who said to his disciples before he had been crucified "go and have the world for apprentice" ,

The Christian nationalism started of this speech, and before that it was especially for the Jews , or the Christ said :

I came to make right the stray sheep of Israel people .

All religions start as a little annulus . When followers are there and , they increase , religions look forward towards the universe .

We , in America , were an imported state .We started our history since / 200/ years as immigrants to establish a new world . When we become powerful , we started to believe in Monroe principle ( America for Americans ).

 We aimed at dominance over all the American continent .

When we became the most powerful state in the world , our dream become , like the dream of the church , to command the world .

-  Pope : This historical offer is great in this sense . I'm so glad if we have a deal   that you are the government of the whole world and we are the church of the whole world .

-  Mr. intelligence : You Lordship ,pope , the second pant is difficult because first Christians , in the world , are not a state and , second , they are not unified   and although you are the more spreading and organized church , but you didn't become the church of the world yet .

When you tried to be a church of the whole world and levied the Catholic countries to lead crusades against the east , you totally failed because the orthodox Christianity didn't support you .

-  Uncle Sam : What we prefer to you is to have the role of the first church , in the world , because if we wanted more than this , we shall be like who plans for a crusade between Christians .

-  Pope : At least , stop to allow pumping the independent churches into the world . Make your world and let our own world .

-  Uncle Sam : We are not responsible for the independent churches which are emerging , but freedom of religion in the first amendment in our constitution , prevent us of interfering in God's affairs !

-  Pope : In Christianity , Christ said 'give tsars  that belongs to tsars, and to God that belongs to God ' W hat do you think of this world wide sharing ?

-  Uncle Sam : We agree we do not interfere in your world and respect your privacy , but Caesar's world is ours , Any problem with that ?

-  Pope : The verse gave us everything relates to God , not half  nor a part of it , so we want a Christian supremacy on the Christian world .

-  Uncle Sam : Who gave you the right to prevent the churches of the world to command their followers ?

-  Pope : The Christ told peter : You are the rock that I build my church on . And the successor of peter the messenger . Christ didn't say " churches " because he refuses the numeracy we see today . If Christ multi – headships for multi – churches , he wouldn't say " my church " in singular .

-  Uncle Sam : We don't want to come into details . we support you if you get a Christian Majority in the world, except that , we are not ready to clash with the Christian orthodox and protestant which seceded from you , and you are in charge of their escape .

-  Mr. intelligence : As you know , there is a long history of understanding and joint work between us . We offered you lots of money to perform the required part which belongs to us .

-  Uncle Sam : Mr. intelligence means the role of the catholic church in resisting communism in the world , communism is an atheistical  doctrine contradicts with Christianity . we have met on a common denominator in this resistance .

-  Pope : That's true , the Catholics launched , during a complete century , crusades against communism in the world  . we succeeded a lot in resistance of faith against atheism .

Remember that the elite of the world educators graduated from our schools spreading worldwide , and all these who studied inside them gained strong immunity against communism .

-  Mr. intelligence : Our information is that the Catholic culture in the world helped a lot to immune the young people against communism and very few people , who graduated from your schools fell in the communist trap and this is good .

-  Pope : We offered you , on the states and human level great services in Ukraine , Poland , Lithuania . Latvia and Macedonia . Even the Eastern Germany itself , the Catholic church was a secret center for resistance and the rebellion movements against communism , and even men of religion , themselves , they were centers of eavesdropping and we conveyed to you all the information that you care for regarding this atheist system .

-  Uncle Sam : Time is impropriate to recall the past cause we do not complain of your role especially in Poland , Now , after the collapse of the Soviet Union with its socialistic regulation , the communist danger faded away , and made use of the public's return to the church after a compulsory alienation lasted for \70\ years , in which both of us made use of the Joint position against communism .

-  Pope : Does that mean that our role is no more important to you , and you are planning to support the Christian radical movements of the protestant roots , whose basic centers are settled in your state ?

-  Mr. intelligence : Not at all . Jorge Washington always Said : ( The moral system can't be reserved without religion ) .

Now , we want a special role for religion inside our American societies and in all the democratic societies .There are debauchery and lewdness in the American society , so religion is the beneficial medicine for the united states problems , and we count on you and on all the remaining religion to perform this role .

-  Pope : This means that you want the church to be a moral set that plays                a social role to defend moralities .

-  Uncle Sam : Yes , this is exactly what we want , The phase of religion  and its necessity to resist communism is over , Now we want religion just to keep up on morals in our societies .

-  Mr. intelligence : Even in the presidential elections , religion plays a role in discrimination between the nominees , Librman says : the wakefulness of religion is important to put tyranny away from minority.

-  Algore thinks that elimination of religion from public life produces opposite results : the most important among them is the in crease of scandals .

When Jorge Bush was asked about his favorite philosopher , he said : He is Christ.

-  Pope : To politicize religion is a point and respecting its existence in the establishment of government is another point . I know that the American society doesn't concentrate too much on a necessary relationship between the religion and the state on the basis of that  Americans are not pious . I do not call you to punish the atheists , but it is not supposed to concentrate on their  right to be equal with those who believe in God .

-  Uncle Sam : Revival of the role of religion in the political game is something done by America , but sometimes for electoral  reasons .

Thanks your Excellency , Pope , for understanding your new role , and thank you for your historical role in crusades which had been launched by the Catholic church against communism , God himself , in the heavens , will register that in gold , and paradise is no doubt your place . ( The pope stands for leaving , with smashed heart , Mr. intelligence gives him a bouquet of flowers , the belle comes back to incense after his exit .

Tommy Mafia


  The sun was shining , cause morning dawned , and New York fog seemed dense behind the glass , this made the light weak . Tea glasses were distributed , and the government of the whole world were seated and the empty chair was occupied by a person with black sunglasses , He was smoking an old pipe , seemed Italian . Everybody understood that this new representative in the nations game is the head of Mafia .

-    Uncle Sam : We welcome Tommy , the head of Mafia . who has many services : weapons mafia , drugs mafia , gambling mafia and assassinations mafia . No matter what the service is , the more important is the gang form of mafia.

These people are ready to kill for money , They worship nothing but money , They don't Care about morality or religions thus , they are too close to our aims of the world trade and dealing with other people , we determine our opponents on the basis of profit and loss process and when our proponent's act leads to a loss in trade , finance or oil , we kick him out and terminate him with no mercy   The gang from of the state is much alike the gang shape of mafia , so  we welcome Tommy , he is absolutely not strange among us .

-  Tommy :In society , I'm a law breaker , professional killer , blackmailer and terrorist ; organized crime is my job ;No  one can find evidence , when my organization burns an establishment or terminate an opponent .

In some political missions you need my experience , what ever you can't do , when you are afraid of the public , and when you are afraid for your men's fame   I can do it all over the world . All what I am asking for : Don't kill me and … I'm at your service .

Mr. intelligence : There are other missions , you may be assigned for , I think the general can explain them to you .

-  General : To supply weapons to the revolutionary areas that ally us in the world . sometimes you will get drugs as price , like in Afghanistan.

-  Mr. banks : we will help in your money laundry , Not always but only through the missions assigned by ( CIA ) .

-  Tommy : Thank you .. Do you want to transfer arms to Tamil tigers , Ireland tigers , to the Right , to the Bask organization  in Spain or to the Black Tribes in the depth of Africa All the gangs are at your service ( Lights off again and the smell of the pipe is filling the place  ) .





-  Uncle Sam : we start our dialogue about petroleum , the most important raw material in the world .

Every state of the world needs this substantial material , because the substitutes are rare and inactive to produce power , whenever countries changed to better economical situation and production , the need for Oil increased

Thus , growth is with petroleum , and both of the modern world industrial society and the new civilization rely upon the existence  of oil and its prices and easiness of marketing ; Nothing , but oil and its prices , enervate the companies and states balances . petroleum has changed to economical weapon through which people and states are subdued , and states emerging economies are destroyed , and range of development is determined .

For that, setting plans and programs worldwide represents the basic advantage to the American national security and to the world security .

-  Mr. petroleum : We have to outline some headlines for the oil subject to insure that our plans are intact .

-  There is a possibility of oil existence in some world arenas …

-  There is a price policy through which petroleum is being marketed ..

-  Types of oil , revenues and the accumulated debts of its sale …

-  Quantities of production and their effect on the prices …

-  Oil reserves that all great powers seek for , in order not to have surprises of oil cessation and to prevent the price increase in the call and demand markets.

All these forms shall be under command and direction because any penetration through any of which will lead to an economical misbalance world wide .

Supremacy over all production areas either by armed forces or through confederation with governments , represents a stationary diplomacy which can't abandon because we will not allow anybody to strangulate us , even we need to launch big or little wars .

Procuring stability for investment , oil pipelines protection , steadiness of marketing on moderate prices and a fixed policy by all cadres of intelligence , armies and diplomats shall be recruited for it .   

-  Uncle Sam : everywhere in the world , where there is a possibility to explore petroleum , our corporations shall be in favor of getting the privilege of drilling and investment either a lone or together with Europeans .

The American security and diplomacy cadres shall seriously help in this matter and , when the political conditions , in the areas of possibilities , are not convenient , we have to work for political changes to serve this strategic goal .

In the current investment areas either the ones led by our corporations alone or through partnership , we have to protect these investments , even by Armed forces

-  General : Our army , in fact , had set previous plans for Quick intervention in the investment areas whenever there were dangers on investment .

We have got military bases ready to receive our forces that moved by aircrafts and ships , They were used in Gulf War II in / 1991 / when Iraqi forces occupied Kuwait , That time we transferred our forces to Saudi Arabia and other states and we found the camps ready . Then , we found out that establishing the quick move forces wasn't enough to establish the required stability for investment in the region .

Now , we have military bases in Saudi Arabia and All Gulf  states , and they will remain for indefinite time , their stay represents the new form of modern colonization which aims only to protect the investment process from the different attacks , and to protect the ally governments, no  matter they were dictators and ignorant .

-  Mr. intelligence : To serve the investment process , we put agents inside all the parties of the region and governments  and the ruling classes either monarchy or republican , in order to be fast acknowledged by any incidents may affect investment and stability. we will , surely  be able to frustrate any interior process may result in foe rulers or opponents to the petroleum investments in their conditions and  current shape .

-  Uncle Sam :  Regarding prices and marketing privileges . This matter is very important , because high prices will exhaust the industrial states balances , our advantage is to purchase oil in low prices and so close to the cost price , by using our military and political influence over the producing countries ( OPEC) worldwide

-  Mr. petroleum  : There are secret agreements between Saudi Arabia , Gulf States and us ; through them we can feed our oil reserves with fixed prices / 15 / $ dollars per drum , whatever the market price , so we can , during troubles , pump oil to the world from these startegical reserves to amend the market prices till the international price returns to the level that doesn't affect the allies economies and ours .

Saudi Arabia is the greatest producer that can , when necessary , fill the market with oil to prevent prices increase.

Our efficiency to affect it is a priority  comes before anything else .

-  Uncle Sam : The areas with possibilities to explore oil shall be under command . It is not necessary to immediately start investment there , but we shall have ready plans for future investment at the right time .

-  Mr. petroleum  : We signed dozens of drilling agreements  in many places in the world for long periods , to serve this aim at the right  time .





Petroleum States Deposits


-  Uncle Sam : Now we move towards the revenues that accumulate for the productive countries , because we shall have ready plans  to command the movement of these proceeds .

-  Mr. banks : Most of the productive states deposit these revenues in the European and American banks .Movement of these proceeds can destroy any bank in the world unless the governments that move them are subject to our will.

king Faisal tampered with these revenues when he carried forward in one cheque / 20 / $ milliar to France .This matter almost destroyed our banks , and that's why we hurried to terminate him.

-  Mr. representative of banks : Our banks huge deposits come from petroleum states , and through changing these deposits into economic wealth we obtain tremendous resources. Arabs couldn't transform the oil treasure to economical wealth . They just deposited their money in our banks , and some of them refuse the interests because this is  a taboo , in Islam law , and this is very good for us. Through altering with the prices of currencies and gold in the world , we cut-off much of this money .

Moreover , Arabs used only little amount of their deposits in productive projects because they understood the civilization as yachts , private planes , palaces , buildings and roads .

-  Uncle Sam : It shall be made clear that our position of the financial proceeds coming out  of oil is defined as the following :

First : We shall prevent transforming the cash wealth brought about by selling oil into economical fortunes as possible . It is extremely important to keep these proceeds as deposits . Transforming the cash into plants , factories , touristic establishments and trade corporations will lead to the increase of productive states wealth and command over important shares of American and European shares .

Second : Revenues shall be kept as long as possible inside the banks . They shall not be carried forward to other banks suddenly in large amounts beyond the political directives , in order not to affect the banking stability and dollar prices

Third : We have to encourage the productive states to unbeneficial expenses of these proceeds , to spend the money on unproductive projects like roads, buildings and luxury ships . We have to inforce them to help the other states which we wish to help , away from our balances .

Fourth : These deposits  shall be consumed through speculation in prices of gold and international currencies , where there is always subtraction of its value .

Fifth : we have to encourage the productive countries to deposit their proceeds with no interests especially the Islamic religion prohibits that.  Deposits of Islamic states and Muslim emirs in our banks , without interests , are  of course very profitable , because we recruit this money in our productive projects .

This raises the possible profits level . We have to encourage , through our agents , men of religion , to continue in this situation .

Sixth : If revenues were accumulated , where as the previous conditions didn't serve the purpose of continuous discount then , provoking wars in the investment areas would lead to posting a part of these cash to buy arms from our factories and to spend them on the armies that need  these weapons .

The policy of provoking the regional conflicts in the investment regions is stationary in order to consume proceeds and to prevent recruiting them or transforming them into economical wealth .

-  Mr. Intelligence : provoking conflicts among Arab states , and between the Arabs and Israel , helped in directing the payments from oil proceeds for the arms which uselessly accumulate  , and during wars deposits are consumed !

-  Uncle Sam : Our policy in the Arab region is based on preventing development in the region . It is very important to keep the area under the line of poverty , undeveloped , with little knowledge and science , because this help to delay the enlightenment age .

The more knowledge and conscious increase , the independence feeling will arouse , and protests against our methods in continuity of robbing the region and its oil treasures thus , we support this form of Arabian lavish  and luxurious expenses on unproductive projects because these help in the process of development delay .

-  Mr. Intelligence : We think that the Arab discrepancies have family roots , like the situation between Saudis and Hashemite, or sectionalism  like the state between the Sunnis and shittes or have racial basis like the position between Arabs and Barbars in north Africa   , and Kurds and Arabs in Iraq .

Our strategy is to keep the different conflicts to keep the region undeveloped. They have to get arms from our factories , and continuously fight .This makes everybody needy for our assistant and under our command .

The Arab variances are one of the most important weapons of American , Israeli and European security . They shall be fed continuously , No peaceful opportunity shall be allowed to catch breath.






-  Uncle Sam : Our position of Islam has nothing to do with the spiritual side , because we stand for a state , where everybody has the freedom of being proud of his religion.

All what we ask our citizens is the notional loyalty.

But , the Islam that surrounds petroleum areas is very special because it is a religion organizes the relationship between Man and

society according to divine orders . This matter puts us in a direct clash with Islam in our political move .

-  Mr. Intelligence : One of our missions is to penetrate all religions and sects , and this is what we do world wide. There are new churches and sects in Christianity which we have arranged  to weaken this side or that side in the Christian areas .

The Protestant Christian extremes with the Jewish effect , and the fanatics, Jehovah's witnesses , who hate  all religions and sects .

They belong to our exports to the world and in service of our goals .

Even the last Pope , as you know , he gained our support . We employed him in the Poland question . His Church succeeded to resist communism . He served   and still , Our aims world wide against communism . We largely financed him to serve this political  purpose .

-  Mr. petroleum : The position of Islam is more important than the position of communism and all other religions . Not because it represents a religious danger against the world religions   for , the Islamic preaching movement stopped since centuries, but it is dangerous on the world civilization . Because Muslims in the universe , either Arabs or not , supervise the valves of  3 / 4  of the world petroleum .

In addition to that , Muslims of the world may change into universal proletariat supported by a milliard Muslims . This represents a bigger danger than communism .

-  Uncle Sam : We must not discuss Islam as a whole .We have to divide its followers to regions , and to plan our policy in every region alone , taking into consideration petroleum , communism and Israel .

-  Mr. Intelligence  : There is the Islam of the previous Soviet Union and Social system states. 

There is the Islam of western Europe .

There are the Arab Muslims .

There is the Islam of Iran , the Shiite .

There is the Islam of Afghanistan  , the Sunni.

There is Turkey , the secular Muslims  .

There is the Islamic Indonesia …

And Malaysia and the spreading areas in the Indian Ocean ..

And finally Nigeria in Africa and East Africa areas .



The Islam of Soviet Union


-  Uncle Sam : Regarding the Islam of the Soviet Union . They shall be put under the Soviet command , and the oil areas existing in the Soviet Islamic states .This petroleum shall be under Russian supremacy , and it is her right .

To supply Russia and the neighboring countries by oil , from these resources , is vital . Its Quantities are almost enough for these states. The remained quantity cannot be competitive   in the international market , and doesn't constitute dangers against our oil trade ,

-  Mr. intelligence : Long time ago , Muslims of the Soviet Union were governed by Russians , and after the collapse of the Soviet union , there is no necessity for them to disobey Russia .

-  Mr. General  : When war  flared up in Shishan  , we didn't take any military measures , and didn't plan any intervention or assistance , because the submission of the Shishani  Muslims is a Russian question , even Europe supported this Trend .

-  Uncle Sam : Our support to the independence of the states that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union is good , but America shall respect the role that says the Russian security extend in its  range towards these states so , if Russia needed to bring back any of these states to the Russian obedience , or showed any form of danger , we have to consider that an internal matter .

-  Mr. petroleum : I want to put you back to the connection between oil and Islam , this is a basic axis we shall not pass it without some details.

The majority of world petroleum areas are Located in Islamic countries . Indonesia is the state of the 200 million Muslims , in Malaysia , the Arab states and Nigeria .The most important world oil wells , cheapest and best in quality are located there  . People who know the effect of the Islamic religion   on followers , they can understand our golden rule which had been applied during the last century , that the men of religion can procure ( If we had agreement with them ) the stability in petroleum process in a cost less than that we need to pay for armies and police men . We shall encourage our allies in the Islamic and Arab states to exploit this point in order to keep these areas under our command .       

-         Mr. Intelligence : I return back to the question of the Islam of the Soviet Union . there is an important point that we shall

not allow Iran , the Shiite , to have influence or establish relations with the states of the Shiite sect there. As well as the extension of Turkey , the Sunni sect, to the Islamic countries represents another danger which we don't want   , and doesn't serve our international security .

·        Mr. General : when a state of the Soviet Union Changes into                         a revolutionary focal point whose mission is to export revolutions to the others states , in the name of Islam ,we have to help Russia to stop that by armed forces .  Because expansion  of these revolutions may affect   the future of our investments in the petroleum areas in the Gulf , and may deprive Russia of oil , than it will move its forces to the Gulf.

·        Uncle Sam : We helped Russia in the Shishan war . we stood behind the pressure on the Arab and Islamic states in order not to supply ShiShan with military aids , or to take  announced positions of enmity towards Russia because of this war , and we succeeded to control the crisis between Arab , Islamic states and Russia . All the Arab states and the oil productive states understood the rule that   Says : the security of these states , in the Soviet Union is totally a Russian security .

Muslims of Europe


·        Uncle Sam : Regarding Muslims of Europe , what is your plan to command them ?

·        Mr. intelligence : We have to go back to history to recognize our current position and its  reasons .

Muslims of eastern Europe confronted ; after the collapse of Othman state many attacks by Greece and Serbia , and in all the places where they exist in Europe  like Albania and Bulgaria     .

It was the beginning of the communist revolution in the world , and the collapse of the Othman Empire .

Muslims found that they are safe if they shelter to communism , which believes in universal Marxian nationalism doesn't differentiate  between religions whereas , the fanatic Christianity in Europe considers them as an extension of the Othman occupation , and they wish to eliminate , drive away or Christianize them .

The Muslims put their security under the command of communism, even their religion contradicts with communism and considers it like an enemy , but they allied communists to defend their right of existence . The communist revolution protected them and founded states for them in the from of the Soviet commonwealth.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union , the extreme Christian nationalistic trend  resumed the process of removal of traces of the Othman state in Europe . Because those became without shelter by facing the fanatic nationalists , they wished to change their loyalty from communism to America to secure their lives when facing the European society that still consider Islam as an aftermath of the Othman colonization to parts of Europe and they detest their existence .

Our policy is to contain the Eastern Europe Islam who are outside the Russia influence .

·        General : Our military interference in Yugoslavia , Albania and Macedonia performed a message to Europe to stop and nullify the removal process of Othman state because this group became our allies.

·        Mr. intelligence : Our existence in the Islam of Europe is useful to us in two points : The first shows the world that we are not enemies of Islam and this can be recruited in the Islamic countries producing oil . The second is supremacy over areas their loyalties are absolute to us , and we can , when necessary , exploit these areas to confuse and press Europe , if they tried to move outside the international group that we lead.

·        Uncle Sam : What do you think of Muslims in western Europe ?    what's the position ?      

In European Union , democracy has a big role , so they face in Germany , an Islamic existence of Turkish roots , most of them obtained the German nationality .

In France, there is a great Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian expatriates who gather in the areas of poverty and threaten to explode all France .

In England, there is a big Islamic expatriate imported from Arab states, Pakistan and all the Islamic states that follow the British commonwealth  .

The problems of these people are of European concern who must find solutions to this existence in order not to grow or affect the civilization features and there states identity.

The Islamic troubles in the European Union will increase if Turkey entered this Union, because it becomes the right of more than / 50 / million Turkish to leave Turkey, and to live and work in all Europe. When we know that the immigration idea is glowing in Turkey, this means there are big problems going to emerge . So , this matter shall be studied during the Turkish request to join the European Union , and to delay that as possible . 

Controlling of Muslims of the European Union without violation to human rights and European democracy will be impossible , because every behavior will seem racial and of religious enmity .

In the past , the matter is simple according to national theories  but  now , after disappearance of age of nationalisms and the stoppage of national conflict , and the appearance of economic units instead of nationalisms and religions , then preventing the increase of Islamic existence will be difficult and expensive. In America , our point of view , we differentiate between the moderate Muslims who wish to live and work, and the extreme Muslims who abhor the Civilization in Europe , and want to destroy it and refuse to unite within it and be loyal for it, we  support the control of this existence on the basis that it is terrorism not religion . So , through that the European Union acquires the right to declare the validity of his positions .

We must help , in our view , to reject the extreme Islamic existence , and to create incidents and accuse them to create the necessary justifications to control or displace them .

From this point , the extreme Islamic movements in Europe are  necessary to bring out this justification , and our existence inside these movements , or to assist to create them , is also necessary . Creating the extreme Islam then hitting it as terrorism is one of the valid means to prevent its increase  and to control its dangers and submit it to the intelligence control .

The European developed world always need us to create for it justifications control , dislodge and impose moderation upon Muslims . This existence , without us if  achieved its ideology, will destroy the Civilization in Europe  because it leaves within it , and its danger is more than any other party fighting you from outside the borders .



Muslims in East Asia 


·        Uncle Sam : what is the position of Muslims of Afghanistan , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Indonesia and around ?

·        Mr. intelligence : Afghanistan is separated from the other petroleum areas in the Gulf , by Khaibar link , we care too much to what is going on   there , because it is close to these areas .

·        Mr. General : After communists , with the assistance of the Soviet, controlled Afghanistan, our military plans aimed to displace them by force without the need to a world war against the Soviet Union .

In this realm and within these plans  we arranged , planned , financed and trained an armed Islamic revolution against the Soviet presence ..

·        Mr. intelligence : We made phone calls  especially with Saudi Arabia and Gulf states to announce what's called the Islamic jihad ( holy war ) against communism ( the atheistic ) , and we gained many Islamic protests that called for struggle against the atheistic communism .

·        Mr. General : Apparently , we assigned Saudi Arabia to manage the Muslims enlisting process for jihad .we provided the required training to explain the geography of the area , and we transferred the fighters and procured their arrival to the safe places .

·        Mr. intelligence : In  Afghanistan , an imported army gathered up . They were trained outside . They were filled with fanatic extreme struggling Islamic spirit . All those were gathered without detailed studies to their history , and their positions of us . All what we cared for is to benefit of their religious extremism and fanatism to obtain a solid resistance against communists .

Practically , we discovered the great capacities available in Muslims in case they gathered all over the world. we became convinced that if they changed to a universal proletariat may be more dangerous on our interests in the world than communism .  


Islam in Afghanistan


Uncle Sam : When we agreed with the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan by an international deal through which we abandoned our project ( stars war ) , this brought out an important question : what would we do with those totally extreme fighters , who are fully convinced that jihad is their path to victory and paradise ?

We set plans to contain them , Mr. General can  explain some of them

·        Mr. General : Our plan was , and still , to strike an armed conflict between the fighting parties . We benefited from the tribal , sectional and racial thought  against the Soviet to create a conflict for power .

·        Mr. intelligence : we had two choices , either we directly finish them , or let them terminate each other .

·        Mr. General : we could finish them by force , but this might gather them against us what causes victims , so choosing the second choice was good of all sides , even it needed longer time .

·        Uncle Sam : In Afghanistan , we agreed not to allow fighters to return unless they are surely commanded there . The move of these revolutionary focal points to the Arab and Islamic countries , where they came from , will lead to great dangers against the governments that ally us . Practically some of them returned to Egypt , Algeria , Yemen   and Sudan , and we are still suffering of that until now .Many areas in these states transformed into terrorist centers shielded with the religious holiness . They threatened the governors and spreaded terrorism .

·        Mr. intelligence : We benefited of the plan that we executed to eliminate the fighters of Afghanistan in another point .

Because through that we could strike unannounced war between the Sunni Pakistan and the Shiite Iran . Both countries had to help the fighters who belong to their sect. Then the two states clashed in a conflict for power and influence in Afghanistan , and we participated in financing the armed conflict between the fighting parties whose fight made us achieve completely our advantages .

The cost of the required struggle based on Iran and Pakistan .

They struggled without we spend any costs , and this is very good .

 Islam in Pakistan


·        Uncle Sam : Pakistan , which is developed in air Force , and became able to produce nuclear bombs can be weakened , from inside , through local wars between the militerians and the parties . Its development will remain slow because it  lacks   raw materials and because of the population increase control of Pakistan , in order not to care for Arabs in the west , is a matter handled by India .It is our advantage to Keep them at variance whereas the Indian question will be enough for Pakistan to prevent it to look towards the west , where there is the Arab -Israeli conflict and there is petroleum.



 Islam in Iran


·        Mr. intelligence : In Iran , which was our base during the Shah ruling period whom we brought back to the throne and later we needed to overthrow him because the country quickly moved towards communism . We thought that stopping this terrible movement in the petroleum arena requires bringing the religious right which we supported because we thought it won't  be , in the end , with communism . Our abandon of the Shah was the price that we paid to bring Alkhomaini  and , the extremists came to power .

But , our expectations were right on one side and wrong on the other side .The new Islamic rulers crashed and exterminated the communist movement  and called its followers atheists and unbelievers whereas they were not with Americans . They proclaimed themselves a revolution against communism and America . They considered themselves qualified to unite the Islamic world and to liberate Palestine of the Jews .

The surprise was tremendous .The communists left Iran , and came the more dangerous , because   our intelligence couldn't go through them in a way procures the ability to command them and to stop their directions which do not comply with our advantages .

The export of Alkhomoini revolution to the Islamic neighboring was                   a matter of anxiety to all the neighboring states and to our great petroleum advantages within it . There is no other state except Iraq can go into military confrontation prevents expansion and exportation of the revolution.

Because , half of Iraqi population approximately are Shiite and because it includes the shiah holy shrines worldwide where pilgrims from Iran come to them , for that Iran was the first target in the Shiite Islamic revolution exportation process .

Saudi Arabia  with the vast extending lands , where Alkaba and the grave of the prophet Mohammad are there , was terrified by the surprise , because its system depended on a small army and foreign experts \1\  Saudi against /3/ foreigners , so its ability to come into a war is the joke of the twentieth century

Kuwait also was terrified by the incident because many of its population were of Iranian origin' and many of those who don't have the Kuwait nationality came from Iran by boats . They inhibited , worked and gave birth in Kuwait .

Their name became ALbidoun ( without ) which means , without identity card .They performed a fifth column of the Iranian revolution .

Bahrain was ruled by a Sunni family and depended on its historical ally with England , but its people in the absolute majority are Shiite. Their cooking for word towards the Iranian revolution against this queer of majority rule wasn't a big surprise to anyone .

Qatar is a Sunni state but its tribes and ruler had been always at variance with Saudi Arabia .The existence of the Iranian revolution weakened too much the Saudi influence and ability to press Qatar which , from the very beginning chose  a moderate position of this revolution contrary to many others who declared war against it .

In UAE and Oman , they were afraid of this revolution because of its appetite to swallow up the Islands spreading in the Gulf entrance , and its appetite for their abundant oil , during a period , these states doesn't have armies except that fit for international police missions . Iran occupied the Islands of Tump the big , Tump the small and Abu mussa .

They are strategic and full of petroleum .

Iran remains the strongest country in the middle east in figures and equipment whereas the Gulf states armies including Saudi Arabia can't be depended on during wars  because they are closer to be an internal police that protect the rulers of their people .

·        Mr. intelligence  : We had many phone calls with some poles in the region and Iraq by our allies in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states . The Iraqi government understood that we support them against the Iranian revolution expansion .

·        Mr. General : Although we had military actions through our fleets in gulf , India and our bases in the region , but we avoided the armed confrontation with this rising revolution .

Islam in Indonesia


We can discuss many points in Indonesia . First , this country consists of islands of many languages and ethnities . It is the largest united Islamic state worldwide / 200  / million population. Christianity penetrated Indonesia well during the last two hundred years and in many islands and places became the religion of the majority .

We support the independence of the islands of the different religions , and develop , teach and have trades with the Christian islands in order to own the spirit , activeness and richness of the west in the face of a poor undeveloped society misses the conditions of cleanliness , education and communication with the world .

This petroleum state whose oil markets are Japan , the Indian ocean and its states , although it is not a real competent in the basic markets , but its huge production shouldn't be outside control . Breaking up Indonesia into discordant nationalisms and independence of Christian areas and supremacy through corporations on oil production and marketing by emulation , are natural to gain this domination. On the other hand , a sectional struggle shall be stirred among Muslims themselves and all parties and religious groupings shall be penetrated and submitted to the intelligence centers  . Their conflict shall be used to serve the general trend that wishes to publicize the hostile feelings against Muslims and present them as brutal and outside civilization and means of terrorism against the world civilization We think that assigning  kessinger as an Indonesian consultant was a victory to our plan to help the moderate Islam that we want there.

·        Mr. petroleum : Oil , no doubt , is the base of the industrial civilization in the world , and it is the most precious raw material on earth .

This material , as I see , exists under lands inhibited by Arabs and Muslims : Indonesia , Nigeria , South of Sudan , Algeria , Libya , Egypt , Saudi Arabia, Yemen  , UAE  , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman , Kuwait , Iraq , Iran and Syria ! ..

It exists in the Soviet Union in Siberia and the Islamic states inside it , too .

In Europe oil exists in the North sea and it exists in North America and Venezuela .

It exists in limited quantities in different areas in the world !

The more important place , which is able to produce trading Quantities for               a long Time is the Arabic region . Any one , who owns the petroleum valves there can terrify all world economies .

We are planning to hand and command this area and when we ….. dominate  we can force any country in the world , Japan and all Europe , to go to the American obedience house . Petroleum is not production only neither purchases contracts , it is also marketing , prices and profits that goes beyond imagination .

·        General : We are worried of transforming the arms that we supply to our allies into a power may harm our other allies , or that lead some parties to wish of commanding oil or to attack Israel .

Any local power like Iran , Iraq or Syria may threaten our investments or damage our strategic ally Israel . If something like this happens , without hesitation we must seek for a wide universal ally to destroy these arms , even by war .

·        Uncle Sam : I think our intelligence cadres worldwide must monitor seriously the armament especially chemical and nuclear weapons , as they stand for the greatest dangers that make winning the war that we launch too expensive .

           Also , they have to monitor the numeration of the armies and their                                                                             armament inside any state located in the petroleum investment areas . 

·        Mr. intelligence : we got full coverage in the states and parties in the investment places , always enabled us to monitor the ordinary and forbidden  armament .when we got wind  of the Iraqi nuclear reactor we arranged for the necessary method to destruct it without  any harm   to the French workers , and before the reactor started production .

It's true Israel owns atomic bombs , but their usage will harm its people and it is a  prohibition force at the last breath . But if Arabs own the nuclear weapons, they may use it even it hurt  their people .

·   General : Israel was assigned to attack the Iraqi reactor during the vacation leave the French people annually get , and secret agreement of the Arab states that the Israeli planes will fly over them to perform the process were obtained in a standard time record .

·        Uncle Sam : we have to notice that the collapse of the Soviet Union and disunity of its states made control of the nuclear information difficult , cause the Soviet scientists may immigrate to states in the areas of oil investment to establish scientific construction of production . For that , we must import these skillful people to work with us otherwise  the need  push them to work in countries that are out of control. If they work in another places , they shall be terminated


Nuclear weapon of Pakistan


·        General : The nuclear weapon of Pakistan is dangerous because of the Islamic relationship with the productive countries and because Pakistan is close to the Islamic world . The Pakistan helped the Arab states a lot in the field of flight training .

·        Uncle Sam :  The Indian nuclear deterrence can bring back the balance to the disequilibrium happening in Pakistan . This prevention shall be kept still to prevent any Pakistani actions towards the areas of petroleum or Israel .

·        Mr. intelligence :we are active to change leaders of Pakistan and India to get allies who may accept disarming  Pakistan and India together of the nuclear weapon , even under the international supervision . Our projects in this field are gaining good success . All what we need  is time .  



The position of Arab unity


·        Uncle Sam  : In the east , there are popular feelings push towards establishing Arab unity or Arab federation , and we should take into consideration such inspirations before they become reality.

·        Mr. intelligence : practically , language is that gathers Arabs , and because this language is related with Koran , their holy book , this made Arabs closer to the hearts of Muslims . Muslim always feels that the Arabic man is nearer to him than all world Muslims because of this spiritual rooted relationship .

·        Uncle Sam  : The language factor , I guess , is faced with many territorial oppositions that make them unable to form a real unity , without taking into consideration the regional differences which , some of them have tribal roots . There are Arabs and Barbers in Morocco , and Christian Coptic and Arabs  in Egypt and Sudan too . In Saudi Arabia , There are Alhijas , Asser and Arabs of Alriad . In Lebanon their is a balance of variation . In Iraq , There are Arabs , Kurds , Shiite , and Sunni . There are many diversities , sectional and ethnic variety . So , forming unity with this variation is hard unless it takes place by force as it always happened during old history . or if Arabs accept to transform their feelings into a united economical field .

·        General : Any unity between these current states , whatever their boundaries or centers , is dangerous on the American national security . To deal with one rich Arabic block makes them feel powerful to resist and prevent us from investing  and commanding petroleum .

To face Arabs as different and disunited states under many slogans is                       a matter of our advantage and we have to support .

·        Mr. intelligence : When Egypt and Syria united , it represented in the way of performance and by the Soviet assistance , a state of national escalation and moved towards the American and European role as an active competent , and confused our policy , and threatened Israel , and stopped the increase of immigration towards it , that put us in danger. The different powers in the region and the world , in  the first phase , worked together to abort this unity , and in another phase , Abdul-Nasser clashed with Soviet who helped the Arabic communist movements ,whereas he didn't want that .

·        Mr. banks : For us , we bewildered the banking life in both Syria and Egypt through world banks , and the international aids stopped . This caused to witness features of a suffocative economic crisis in Syria where big part of its reasons we stood behind .

·        Uncle Sam : I think , The nature of the Egyptian regime that had been applied in Syria , helped us a lot .Because , in Egypt a military revolution government was ruling ; it nullified the public freedoms and imposed martial laws and broke up parties , and gave free hand to the investigation cadres and confiscated the opponents' money .

Whereas , in Syria , a successful parliamentary practice prevailed and , there were parties representing political currents , free press and correct elections .

After getting united , the Syrian democracy couldn't affect the shape of new state , whereas the Egyptian regime could extend its shape , existence and thought to Syria . So , it dissolved the parties , distorted its democracy, nullified the media and public freedom , closed press and imposed state of emergency which made Syria ruled by the intelligence .

·        Mr. intelligence : Of course , we exploited this situation to finish the unity  , and such actions helped to prevent any new unity between the two countries after / 8 / of March , and stopped all possible future uniting projects . That led to delay them , even unity between Iraq and Syria suffered from that although there is one party in the two countries .

·        General : Our state and intelligence supported king Hussein who was the first to recognize there were movements of the Syrian army planning to conduct a coup de Tel to displace Egyptian . Immediately the required support was procured in the region to make the process of disunity succeed . There was American inhibition in the Mediterranean , Israel and Jordan . These factors prevented Abdul-Nasser of taking the risk of sending forces to Syria . At the end he accepted the situation and he exerted the political  opposition against it.

·        Uncle Sam : we want Arabs to understand generally that unity is forbidden in the region , especially Iraq and Syria. Cooperation is the only from, that we allow  between the Arab countries under the condition of not being against us .

·        Mr. intelligence  : what we care for is how to contain the existing feelings and prevent them to think of such projects in the future . The Egyptian - Syrian experiment gave us a good example to prove that any unity , project will not be equal , and there is always a  side shall   control the interests of the other .

·        General : Lebanon , which we a greed Syria to assist it , is today suffering from the same situation like Syria with Egypt . Whereas all politicians talk publicly or secretly about losing supremacy ,and call for  a Syrian withdrawal.

·        Mr. intelligence  : In Yemen , people of the North commanded Aden and ruled it by force . A revolution was launched against the North and it was eliminated , but people of the South carried the feelings that unity was an authority against them .

·        Uncle Sam : It is important to engrave the feelings of belonging to  small home , and guide a psychological war against Arabs to exercise feelings – control towards unity ; we can't accept one Arabic world in the short run .

·        Mr. intelligence:  The call for Arab unity started during the Othman state . Europe stood behind its revival and promised Al Hussein ,
Mecca's sheriff , to be a king of Arabian states of the middle east and Europe betrayed him after he declared the revolution  , at the time people received his call to establish new Arabian Caliphate separated from the Othman state in great support .

 In the mean time , all private parties in the middle east put in their programs the call for Arab unity .

·        General : In a military study of Al-Hussein revolution against Othman state , we find the English leader who promised him to declare his revolution. He didn't have neither followers nor arms . England prepared a very simple army , armed and sent it under the command of Al-Hussein's son Faisal towards Alaqaba where a battle with the Turkish Othman police stations took place there and they were seized by the help of England . Then directly by the British forces , they entered Jerusalem , Damascus and Baghdad

·        Mr. intelligence : England didn't  support Al - Hussein revolution to stir up the Arabian feelings or establish a united Arabic state but they needed a dummy caliph of Arabic origin to help in termination of Othman caliphate center which , the hearts of Arab Muslims are attached to .

In order to make the Arabian cadres in the Arabic state to separate from Istanbul and abandon the loyalty to the Othman caliph , they needed to direct the Arabian cadres towards Arabic caliph belongs to Al – ALBAIT , who is a Mecca Sheriff to give the religious impression . The required equation of caliph was the Arabian Mecca Sheriff instead of sultan Abdul - Hameed the Othman 

·        Uncle Sam  : The English leader succeeded totally , but the flag of the Arabic revolution remained and the national feelings continued . The return of Arabs, as we think . to the history in a frame work of great state may renew the old projects of bringing up a civilization clash with the two civilizations of the Christian origin in Europe , and the eastern Europe and the previous Soviet Union , and this is internationally forbidden .

·        Thanks for the good understanding of the subject .  





·        Uncle Sam  : I thin k we have to stop long for Iraq , and I remind you that Iraq is ruled by Al Bath party which is a national party , radical in its enmity of Israel .

After outbreak of the Islamic revolution in Iran and emerging of its foe trend toward us , we thought of Iraq as a possible ally in the region , and we supported , in the beginning , its political tensions against the Iranian revolution and the steps that it followed to prevent its extension to Iraq , which is a country half of its population are Shiite where they have an important Islamic center in it , in Karballa , But , their feelings towards Iran as a basic Shiite center in the world led the Iraqi ruler to be worried of their exploitation against the regime during the escalation of the Islamic revolution .

We were convinced , in the united states , that empowering Iraq against Iran make us gain great acquisitions .

·        Mr. intelligence : Our action , in this arena , was to push toward a war between Iraq and Iran , Iran wanted to export the revolution and Iraq which was allied  with Arabs of the Gulf and Saudi Arabia wanted to take away the dangers of this armed revolution .

Everybody in Iran and Iraq were drifted to this trap . The two states started a long harsh war that gormandized  millions of people , finance and economic centers .

Our factories of arms continued to supply the two parties directly or through the international Cartel with arms .. Israel supplied Iran , and Egypt supplied Iraq ! ..

·        Uncle Sam  : We benefited a lot of the Iranian-Iraqi war because it weakened two states , opponent to our interests and to our ally ,

  Israel .

·        Mr. petroleum : In Iraq , there are petroleum fields not invested yet . They contain tremendous reserves equal that exists in Saudi Arabia .            ( North Rmaila ) only ,contains what equals the oil reserves of the Soviet Union .

·        Mr. banks : This  war swallowed up all the revenues of Iran ,Iraq , Saudi Arabia and states of Gulf , which paid much of the price of weapons . These arms , mostly from the warehouses of the west ! ..

·        Mr. intelligence : We made use of this war from another point of view , because  without this war , we couldn't disisolate Egypt that Arabs expelled of the Arabian league charter because it signed a peace treaty with Israel . This war sank Iraq, and the civil war in Lebanon was like a swamp , the Syrian forces fell in . Syria became the eastern front which were decided to be established by Arabs in Baghdad Summit conference  to continue the fight against Israel after the reconciliation with Israel in camp-David ! …



Lebanon and International terrorism


·        Uncle Sam : before we end discussing the middle east I want to lay out a plan for Lebanon , the most important country in the middle east , not as a petroleum state but as an  effective center and eavesdropping area and a radian center of the west civilization on the Arabs .

·        Mr. Banks  : Our care of Lebanon caused a big damage to the bank section . Because , after the rise of oil prices after the two wars of                               / 1967 – 1973 / , huge quantity of the Arabic proceeds and savings that belong to government and persons moved to the banks of Lebanon , and those banks recruited deposits with great interests , and the more important is that we lost control of the movement of this money which,  Lebanon banks started to transform them into economical fortunes what threatened a strategic point in our policy .

·        General : During the civil war in Lebanon we could apprehend the military termination by us is not possible because it will cost a lot of victims . For , in wars the military ending is possible by terminating a military force existing in a definite location . But , in Lebanon there was a tremendous distribution of arms in different places , and striking wars in the houses and streets and on the extension of ten thousand    km sq shall be a swamp makes us pay a high price , because we will have to fight in every street and let our infantry soldiers comb the area under the dangers of mines and trained snipers .It is a risk like committing suicide .

·        Uncle Sam :  I know that exactly .We directed after the destruction of American building in a suicide break through process , to the necessity of withdrawal , and let all the parties get involved in war until they collapse and beg us to intervene politically .

·        Mr. intelligence : we agreed the Syrians to enter Lebanon to undertake the clash with Palestinians and the national movement forces , and to prevent them to overcome the Lebanese forces ,whose last fighter stopped at Bakfia borders .

·        Uncle Sam : Do you think our agreement of the entrance of the Syrian forces was wrong ? cause , the expansion of the radical influence of ALASSAD , the powerful fanatic , is not a good project for future .

·        Mr. intelligence : Lebanon transformed into an international focal point of terrorism , and a center of currency forging and training terrorists from Japan , Ireland , Tamel  to Kurds . Any party can stop this decadence is a good matter for the world .

Everybody can stop the war shall gain our support, for the future , to deal with a state commanding Lebanon is surely better than to deal with twenty terrorist organization and with an independent government in every street and area .

Controlling the ( spread ) of the civil war was behind our agreement  , and it was good at that time

·        Mr. Banks : All the Arabic savings and deposits escaped from the banks of Lebanon to the European banks and the banks of Jordan . This achieved a goal , cause to nullify or devitalize the banking role of Lebanon , was a necessary plan which was completely performed .

·        Uncle Sam : It shall be mode clear , and this is a matter we agreed upon together with France and Israel , that it is not allowed internationally for anyone to over whelm on Lebanon .

In the  end , neither Israel can stay in the South or even build one settlement 

nor the Syrian can remain .

Lebanon is a dangerous focal point on peace , with Israel and on the American  interests in the region , when we achieve peace in the region it won't be hard to displace the Syrians from Lebanon .

·        Mr. intelligence : Diplomacy is an art of possibility , and the Syrian existence is dominated by Arabian considerations especially Saudis , and Egyptian , and through them we can  control the Syrian role not to exceed the limit . We never allow to establish a political unity between the two states , what is possible to accept is a price to the Syrian existence which is a recognized position till the comprehensive peace in the region is obtained .



 Jordan and the throne


·        Uncle Sam  : What did you prepare for Jordan in your kitchen ?

·        General : We've got ready plans to rescue Jordan in case it is invaded by Iraq or Syria or a coup detel supported by them took place . We had previously sent our farces there in 1958 to make a clear message to the countries of the region, that , monarchy regime is under our protection .

·        Mr. Intelligence: Many times we confronted with our allies, the Israelis, for Jordan . Some political groups there thought that Jordan constitutes of Palestinian majority had been immigrated during the wars /1967-1948/ , and those think that to dethrone King Hussein and give Jordan to the Palestinians is useful for them to establish the state of Palestine in Jordan instead of abandoning the west bank, even this state became extreme left one .

·        Uncle Sam: The existence of the Hashemite throne in the region is a necessary factor for the future , in case Saudi Arabia disobeyed us, in addition Jordan always was a moderate element in the region .There is no justification at all to lose this role and create new centers out of control .

·        Mr. Intelligence : We sent messages in this connection to Israel and to Jordan  itself , and we asked Jordan to be closer to accept peace as a price to protect its regime and it was accepted .

We arranged many meetings between AL Hussein and leaders of Israel ,  these meetings were friendly and frank, and we think Palestinian steps towards peace will absolutely lead to a real controllable peace between Jordan and Israel

Uncle Sam :  But , failure of peace with Palestinians , with the presence of a Palestinians majority in Jordan, will force the ruler their to suspend , freeze or nullify the peace treaties . So , it is Jordan's interest to press towards achieving peace in order not to let its society explode from within or to have revolutions uneasy to control , then the Hashemite throne may pay the price!......



Uncle Sam: regarding Egypt, please be careful, because our allies interests in Europe , Israel and our experienced dangers came from Egypt.

Egypt is a large Arabic state with infinite influence on the other Arabic countries. Because Alazhar mosque is in Egypt              and it graduated many Islamic movements leaders around the world, this extended its influence  anywhere there are Muslims.

Egypt has ambitions to lead the area, not only during the ruling period of Abdul-Nasser, but before that and this is extending to the old history.

Abdul-Nasser thought of a pioneer  rule for Egypt where it can guide the Arab world and can be in the center of the Arabic atmosphere.

This circle is connected with a wider circle which is the Islamic circle, and through these two circles it is connected with the international circle. It is a difficult and interlocked theory, because it clashes with the Arabic nationalism and their interests and the independence that the Islamic states care for. In addition there are large states like Indonesia  , Turkey, Iran and Pakistan where each one of them think it is worthy of guiding the Islamic world.

·        Mr. intelligence: when king Farouk fell in the hand of the military group, headed by Abdul-Nasser we supported this military trend to rule Egypt. We plan to expel both the British and French   influence from the middle east and north Africa, and we wanted to cooperate with strong characters in the region. But, Abdul-Nasser, as soon as the situation settled down in Egypt he applied nationalism and confronted with Israel, France and England; he got big ambitions towards Arabic emperor. 

We didn't praise 1956 war against him and we pressed for the withdrawal of the English, French and Israelis. But these wars launched by Abdul-Nasser created ample Arabic popularity, and because of his strong media, his words were heard in the Arabic countries. He imposed himself and Egypt as a leader of the Arab world, and this leadership is what we confronted with its ambitions, and this was expected. The question that made this clash great is the support of the Soviet to the Egyptian ambitions, where they armed Egypt and this threatened the strategical security of our ally, Israel.

·        Mr. corporations: All the working corporations in the region were panic because of the Egyptian revolution trends which affected our business in all Arab countries. This includes nationalization of Suez canal. Company and the successive petroleum nationalization in Syria and  Iraq. The prestige of the great corporations in the region collapsed.

·        Mr. General: Now, that time had elapsed, and I suggest to draw our policy for Egypt in the current time.

·        Mr. intelligence: our diplomacy, after handling power by Saddat, was to support him and we had peace agreement in the region with him after 1973 war with Israel. Egypt received back the canal, fought competently and became worth to sit around the negotiation table, and through our support Saddat went to Jerusalem and signed Camp-David treaty solely aside of Arabs. Because of that, Egypt was expelled of the Arab league whose offices had been transferred to Tunisia.

·        Uncle Sam: what are the details of Al Saddat's assassination? Is it true the Islamic currents killed him? How could that happen without the knowledge of our intelligence ?                               Mr. Intelligence : There are big secrets of the operation in the  CIA files I don't think it is advantageous to unveil them, but I say that Saddat's attacker was one of the well known Islamic currencies and his mission was covering the sqware with pullets from a distance.

·        Uncle Sam: it doesn't matter……..who and whose bullets killed Saddat and why?

·        Mr. intelligence: He was killed by a sniper of the same type of weapon. The reason was because he was moody to an extent could threaten the peace that he signed. He was ready and always threatened that he can nullify the treaty and throw it in the trash, if Israel neglected his requirements or we delayed payment of his dues. Exactly like that he did when he displaced 12000 Soviet experts within hours…he is unbalanced…good actor, and he is dangerous because he had many possibilities because his position is unsettled.

·        Uncle Sam: So, you want a president who continues the peace process who is realistic and quiet, doesn't exercise a dance game at the central positions?

·        Mr. intelligence: yes, yes sir   , that's the point and we totally succeeded.

·        Uncle Sam: Regarding the internal situation and currents in Egypt I want that in detail. The reports I have say that we support the Coptic Christians ..which is unnecessary as long as the regime is our ally and stands against the extreme currents , because in this case we practice the game of weakening the allies without justification.

·        Mr. intelligence: The Coptic movements are under direct control, and escalation of the extreme Islamic currents are under command and observation. There are no fears of that. Our job is to keep these diseases but under control and observation. We explode them when the Egyptian regime gets out of the American obedience.


·        Uncle Sam: Well …well especially the Egyptians today are wisely leading the moderate camp  in the region and assist to stop the violence and degradation of peace treaties. A reasonable   wise regime of this kind is a treasure for us in the region.




·        Uncle Sam: I want you to have a little rest cause we need a funny break in the political realm. We will talk about Kazafi.

As you know he is a military phenomenon came on few tanks that terminated the monarchy ruling regime. In Libya, we had a military base called (wales). If we were unsatisfied with the change at that time. It could never happen and could never last.

·        Mr. petroleum: Regarding our petroleum investments in Libya we don't have troubles although there are variances and cries. Because oil was an independent economic business , it wasn’t affected or used as a means in any variances and this was very good. What we care for is not to provoke any problems in the investments of petroleum.


·        Mr. corporations: In Libya, our contracts of matters other than petroleum were not affected an Libya is one of our markets, and our delegations are always welcomed there. But, if the political situation becomes better, our position becomes better.

The problem of Libya is not in the economic behavior, it lies  in the lock of political balance in behaviors. We do not feel there is a political settlement in the foreign relations which may change and aggravate after one statement by Kazafi.

·        Mr. intelligence: The situations aggravated too much with Kazafi because he had gone too far. He financed many Islamic and non-Islamic revolutions in areas where Libya had no interests. He compelled us to send him an armed message to be restrained. Our planes were sent from Briton to hit him, after Israel refused to allow us to take off from it. Bigen, prime minister of Israel, explained the reason during a talk with Regan that Israel had no advantage to terminate or change Kazafi because his political unbalance was useful; and a good behavior certificate of its diplomatic behaviors, the arrival of another person can secure the political settlement in behaviors which  was a matter that Israel didn't want even America did.

·        Uncle Sam:  I guess moderation started to prevail in Libya, and Kazafi stopped many aids to revolutions and parties in the world, and this is very good because by striking and siege, he understood exactly the message. We are not intending to put him down but we will not be sad if that happened.



·        Uncle Sam: As long as the west Arabian states are closer to Europe, we want the international diplomacy to work their in coordination with the Europeans.

We shouldn't forget that very big expatriates from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia  were under supervision of France and its intelligence, then after we entered the area after the independence of Algeria we started to trace incidents there.

·        Mr. intelligence: In Algeria, the Algerian revolution had splitted among itself, and the military wing commanded in the liberation organization, the civil political powers, and the inclusive regime dominated in Algeria and trespassed public freedom, then because of that, trends calling for reopening to France emerged after the economic decadence of the state ; and because of the supremacy of religion over people, the powers that refused belonging to the European world established their opponent bases persisting in Islam and Arabism.

In Algeria and all the west Arabian countries, Arabism is not separated from Islam, every Arabian is a Muslim because all Christians living in Morocco and Algeria are of European origin. The Arabian Christianity phenomenon in the east doesn't exist there so the public's resistance to the regime by choosing Islam found proponents in the Algerian arena.

·        Uncle Sam:  the fanatic violence that the Islamics exercise became a source of a world protest so we directed to market these crimes in the media in order to  gain allies against the Islamic movements and to defame their pictures, and to grant the Arab rulers the right to finish them.

·        Mr. intelligence: Yes, the Algerian government confronted powerfully the violence, and sometimes the government practiced violence and crime, then accused the Islamics.

·        Mr. petroleum: Algeria entered the oil field with good production, its markets were Europe, it gained much money but all centers of power were corrupt. Algeria didn't economically fail because of the type of regime, but because of its corruption.

·        Uncle Sam: The plan is to support the collision between the Algerian government and the Islamic movements. We don't want another Iran in the region, and we shall not repeat the same mistakes took place in Iran, Whatever the  corruption volume was.

In Morocco, the scene is more bright , and society is under control of moderate ideas and opinions.

The Moroccan experience took into consideration the existence of French residents who obtained the Moroccan nationality and lived safely, also the existence of Jewish Moroccans who didn't immigrate and they were represented in all the foundations of the regime.

·        Mr. intelligence: Morocco suffered from parties of national inclinations always clashed with the regime, and were aggressed  and their people were straggled through Europe and the Arab countries when the Islamic expansion didn't arrive yet.

·        Uncle Sam:  I think the moderate Islam is the front of the regime, and the king is the Caliph of Muslims in the first rank, so men of religion were natural allies of the regime in his clash with the socialist and communist parties and that was great for a long time.

·        Mr. intelligence : the extreme Islamic expansion is under control. We grant the Moroccans information about the antagonistic movements. We advised the Moroccan government towards democratic freedoms to bring back the leaders of national parties who were driven away to Europe, because they represent no dangers against the regime and no dangers of their ally with communism which had fallen.

·        Uncle Sam: We feel comfortable towards the Moroccan king and his behaviors, and we think his existence as a religion leader is an element of moderation and control in the Arab world.

(the young girl entered again carrying a golden tray with tea cups, she put a cup of tea in front of everyone of these world makers).

·        Uncle Sam: Have your tea, our talk now is about Sudan.. and what do you think of Sudan.




·        Mr. corporation: Sudan is a great large fertile country with tremendous possibilities for investment. It has petroleum, gold , iron , livestock and water, and the cheap workman power in addition to everything seduces anyone to go work there.

·        Uncle Sam: It is also Arab's gate to Africa and its effect expand towards Somalia , Ethiopia and to the great lakes area.

·        Mr. intelligence: In the past we suffered from communism where it set its centers and it contained the strongest communist party in the Arab World. We planned together with the militerians to terminate the communists who benefited of the liberation trends after the collapse of the military regime and the arrival Ba-Baker Awad-Alla. We supported and assisted  Al- Nomeiri who could within a standard time record brutally finish the communists and the joke is that Al-Kazafi helped him in trapping the communist leaders and transferring them to him where they were hanged them and many of them escaped after that massacre.


·        Uncle Sam: But Al-Nomeiri surrounded himself by allied religious powers who quickly disobeyed him.


·        Mr. corporations: That was a result of corruption, public money smuggling and robbery. So, the Nomeiri regime became not acceptable and should be changed, then the new militerians came armed with religion.


·        Mr. intelligence: the groups that belong to Al Ikhwan Al Muslimoun party were basic in the process of terminating Al Nomeiri, and because of that the ideas and religious trends and philosophy of the party were  imposed upon people. Then, they exploited the religious feeling against the movements in the South to manage a religious war. This caused aggravation of the war and Sudan to move towards division.


·        Uncle Sam:  didn't you interfere to stop that quickly. We previously agreed not to approve to repeat the Iranian   experiment anywhere  in the Islamic World. Only moderate Islam that can continue in these societies.


·        Mr. intelligence: We succeeded with the military. That was done by making a variance between the political leader of Ikhwan Hassan Al Torabi, and the militerians, but operations went longer and they are under control and observation. We relied upon our Egyptian ally too much to perform this change.

Our plan in Sudan is to control Al Ikhwan Al Muslimoun and allow many parties with a reasonable margin of free opinion, and with consultation with the South. We don't want any division in the Arab map that doesn't gain approval of the whole world. Stability of the states' maps that emerged after world war two shall remain respected until indefinite time.



·        Uncle Sam: How about the happy Yemen, brothers?


·        Mr. intelligence: The military phenomenon succeeded  to procure stability but the tribal situation always leaded to instability. The best achievement was the elimination of the left movements in the South and Aden especially the ones that ally Soviet under the slogan of union between North Yemen and South Yemen.


·        Uncle Sam: We don't want any return of powers that ally Soviet because their control in the security equation is very difficult. South under command and North fears Saudi Arabia and the tribes are the best situation to impose moderation upon Yemen, and to prevent it of any move against our interests, especially Abdullah Saleh himself commands by force of military group belong to his tribe, and we can always , when necessary turn the stage upside down against him if he couldn't perform in a good way.




·        Uncle Sam: What remained to talk about is Syria. You know it had always been a place of ancient struggle in the region between the French and British influence. The local parties had always taken sides with this or that camp, and every party used Arabic, federalist or local slogans to market this foreign influence or that.

Hashemite, the English allies wanted to command Syria. They offered two projects for union with it; the first is 'Great Syria' which was announced by King of Jordan, Abdullah. The second is Al Hilal Al Khaseeb which was announced by Nour Al Saeed and Hashemites. Both projects were under the British command. France couldn't play an important role in Syria after independence, but in Lebanon they achieved their aims through the political Maronites whose culture is French, to procure definite influence doesn't put them outside the game in the Middle East. Saudis, in coordination with us, entered the same game to procure Saudi influence whose feature was adherence to the (Republican regime) to prevent any union between Syria and Jordan or Syria and Iraq, because establishing a strong regime in the north of Saudi Kingdom or any other strong regime may raise the Hashemite to a state of power, then they will call for getting back Al Hijaz where Hashemites came from after the revolution of Sheriff Mecca against Ottomans.

The internal struggle inside those currents leaded to military coup de tels that terminated the newly born republic and kept it away from development and unity projects under the supremacy of the British Crown. This  resulted  a state of comfort for us and for our allies, the Saudis. We were partners in the first coup de tel led by the head of the army Marshal Hosny Al Zaeem. We didn't aim at achieving an active influence , but we aimed at satisfying Saudi Arabia and blackmailing it in new petroleum agreements to procure transferring oil through Syria to Al Zahrani port in Lebanon. This happened after few days of the take over when Hosny Al Zaeem signed Tap line agreement which was rejected by different currents in the Syrian regime.

·        Mr. intelligence: I please you to speak about the current situation now because it is too late, and our wives and kids are waiting for us, and tomorrow is (Thanksgiving Day) and you know its importance for the American popular life.

·        Mr. corporations: Our corporations that work in Syria are performing well and they face no problems when entering  the market. But we always find European competitors who established long time ago strong relations with the merchants of Al Sham whose influence on power is great. This made the competition with the European corporations hard and expensive. But there is no rejection of our corporation's business in the Syrian realm.

·        Mr. intelligence: that's true, for Al Assad established his regime on the basis of a national revolutionary front and accurate lines of balance between the east and the west; reasonable relations with the Soviet and acceptable relations with Americans….

Neither the Soviet felt they commanded nor the Americans thought they are strange..

In the worst variance circumstances in the region we went to Damascus and they welcomed us, and during crisis we asked the Syrians to interfere and they were truthful to contain many questions.

·        Uncle Sam:  But, the Syrians were not enthusiastic to peace projects with Israel, and to the change of the situation in the region. After Gulf war two, they announced they want peace, but practically they stimulated people against normalization , and resisted who signed peace treaties as the Egyptians, Jordanians and Palestinians. Al Assad reminded long time giving us smiles and promises; he didn't move or change his requests not even one centimeter. He looked like just playing with time waiting for an international ally makes him capable to get rid of peace embarrassments.

·        Mr. intelligence: he owns arsenal of arms and missiles and dreams of nuclear weapon. Even he couldn't make a strategical balance with Israel, he was sure he can cause tremendous loses with the Israelis which they can't bear if they declared war against him.

·        General: The power of the Syrian army lies in its numeration and missiles. Any war in the middle east between the Syrians and Israel will be a war of missiles in the first rank. Israel can be victorious and the Syrians are able to destroy many cities in Israel. The Syrian prohibition power lies in the capacity to cause this lose in the Israeli side.

·        Mr. petroleum: There are petroleum exportations in Syria and we are partners with the Syrians in many oil fields. Together with the stability in the region we have important maps about huge findings which can be uncovered and invested in the future.

·        Uncle Sam: The Syrian regime suffers from the framework of power and the loss of a reasonable margin of free opinion. The state is ruled through many intelligence cadres who have wide experience in the Syrian life and the Arab area and they are able  to hold and direct many organizations, all of them are against Israel and sometimes they are against our interests.

Nothing important can happen in the region without the knowledge of the Syrians, or they participated in its tools, and no case can be solved without them. They are always capable to talk to all the terrorist organizations without any proof that they are subordinated to Syria.

This recognized role, far away of peace with Israel, shall be controlled and submitted to the requirements of the peaceful solution.

·        Mr. intelligence: That's true and we are working on this but, confrontation with Damascus is still difficult.

(At that moment , the air opened the window and the curtains flied a part).

·        Uncle Sam:  We stop the discussion here. May be the Syrian intelligence are who opened the window.. good night and happy Thanksgiving Day..

Thank you for comprehending our strategy of the areas of petroleum in the Arab and Islamic countries.



Lights went out and the rulers who make the world came out of the room, Uncle Sam laughing, Mr. petroleum smoking a Cuban cigar, banks manager, swollen raising a dollar in his hand, corporations manager rubbing his hands together waiting for contracts and enterprises and the intelligence director putting black sunglasses walking quietly behind uncle Sam.

The Zionist, Masonic, Mafia leader , Pope and Bab stood outside the room saying good bye to the world leaders. All of them were happy except the Pope who didn't obtain the leadership of the Christian world.

After I woke up of this nightmare, I thought we are a nation whose treasures and rights are played with, and some of our rulers know the facts had been discussed by the attendees inside the secret room to make the world, but they didn't tell the truth.

Our people live in great fear of their rulers, they live in terror but they do not own the necessary tools to change reality.

It is a miserable fact that, this population sit on the biggest world treasures, the foreigners exchange exploiting them in abroad, and the rulers inside, scourge them while the ghoul of poverty attacks them and imposes backwardness upon them.

The Arab retardation is  necessary for the robbery practiced by the world, and in addition to the Arab Partition and the loss of any real serious cooperation, union or unity weaken us to face an economically united universe which is so strong in arms and knowledge. We have no choice except to get out of this tunnel. It is impossible to remain hostages of antiquity and ignorance. Penetration of this situation can be correct just through a complete fusion into the world civilization, and there shall be free areas in the whole Arab world that the mind works within them.

Like the revolution of science and mind, which results the world development in the modern age, the revolution of the Arab mind will bring in new civilization enables us to fight the powerful exploiters in their same tools. If we don't do that within a short period of time, we may wake up to discover we are cave men.




      By Mohammad Ghazi Al- Tadmori


Since childhood, he was a proponent of freedom and opponent of tyranny. They struggled inside him like good and evil, and he witnessed the victory of evil, victory of freedom and how could the situation reflex sometimes. The unsheathed risen swords over people's neck threatened his nick, and the smile of the tranquil man of his living, rights and freedom had put him on the throne of joy. This increasing feeling in his depth, while watching the struggle of the exploited poor classes to earn living, was one of the basic reasons that pushed Edward to study Law to become one of the famous lawyers who defended the stolen rights, where he excelled in the sixties of the twentieth century as a loyal  lawyer, faithful to his clients, believer in the importance of victory of right, and spread of justice among people, so he undertook the burden of defending workmen and supported their struggle with employers and the owners of big companies who stole their rights and considered them just like hirelings .

Edward Hashwa was born in 1935 in Hama where he received his studies. He was a motivator of the students' activities. He was elected in 16/10/1951 a head of librated students conference in Syria, while he established during this period the magazine (Voice of Students), and edited the page (Student's Dawn) in Abi Al Fidaa newspaper under the frame of party work with (Socialist Arabic) he led the students' movements against the regime of Adib Al-Sheshakly and he was pursued and remained hidden until the fall of   Al- Sheshakly.

In Damascus university, after establishment of the Socialist Arab Baath Party, he continued his mental and cultural activities as he participated in establishing the newspaper of west Arab state struggle in cooperation with Sidqi Ismael, Moner Abdullah and Abdul-Hadi Abbas in addition to cultural activities in newspapers and broadcast. He graduated in 1958 from Damascus faculty of law to handle the position of advisory opinion and legislation department in the ministry of labors and social affairs. That period was very useful to him, where his direct contact with the workers cases and problems with the employers, led him to issue his first book which explained work united law that was considered one of the best law references book in this field. After that he worked to establish the association institute which was the first one in Syria, and he contributed in establishing the 'social workers struggle' and he became the editor in chief for a period of time which was issued in the beginning on the account of labors associations in Syria and later became an independent newspaper and one of the most important Syrian newspapers that care for labor's cases. He resigned from the ministry of labors because he refused to approve the decision of quitting labor's association federation because it violated the associations freedom agreement, he went back to Homs in 1961 to work as lawyer specialized in labor's affairs.

After the revolution of eight of March in 1963, he worked within the Arab Socialist movement where ha handled important leadership positions as a member in the political office, and in24/2/2000 he was unanimously elected as an assistant general secretary in this movement.

He was elected a member of Damascus lawyers association board in Damascus in 1968 and remaind a member in all lawyers associations conferences until the decision of  quitting of associations. He got the nick name of Sheikh of Lawyers because more than 150 lawyers graduated from his office as lawyers and judges. He wrote the short story , political essays, and the law sheets very easily as if he stored everything in his head and he recalls the required matters easily.




·        Retirement cases in the Syrian Law.

·        Explanation of United Labors Law.

·        Toward progressive thought of working class.

·        Explosion of petroleum, search in oil role in Arab's War.

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·        The role of eastern Christianity in Arab civilization.

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·        Damascus the spirit and the dream.

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·        Arabism , Islam and challenges of the age  .

·        The future role of mind in the east.

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·        Iraq and the impossible mission.

·        Sadam's trial (before being detained).

·        Political analysis of the orient cases.

·        The woman history.




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